Well, well. Back at it again. It seems the only times I have to actually write in this blog is when I’m doing some sort of scan or test. Once again I’m in my cell, letting a radioactive isotope run through my veins to see if any of my demonic cancer cells are procreating….not a very pleasant thing, but it is one of necessity. I thought my scan in April would be the first of my yearlys, but I guess they wanted one more at 6 months just to be sure. So, soon I will find out if my body has been good, or if there is more going on than meets the eye. I feel good. And people say I look good. So, if it looks like a duck, acts like a duck…
Anyways, life is going well for me. I’m working at a different job where I only work 3-4 nights a week, so I’m getting more time for a chance at rest and relaxation. I have actually taken more mini vacations in the last three months than I have in the last three years. Quite amazing what you can do when you have 3-4 days off to do whatever. My soul is definitely feeling more soothed and I feel I’m much more at peace with life.
Well, it’s that time to go get my body scanned. Here’s to being cancer free one scan at a time!


Being a local to Statesboro, Georgia, the term One More Time is a phrase used frequently to describe Georgia Southern University’s football program. This is the motto of Georgia Southern. It was coined by Coach Erk Russell after the team’s 1986 National Championship when he said, “Hey ladies, hey fellas, hey gentlemen, hey everybody, one more time for the greatest team in America!” The phrase ‘one more time’ was forever immortalized and to this day is used often. And even though I am using it today as a part of my blog, it has quite the different meaning to it than ol’ Erk meant for it. See, for me, this is just one more PET scan, one last checkup, before they should deem me in remission. Just one more time before I can finally say that I beat you, cancer. You didn’t prevail and take my life away from me. You didn’t make me succumb to your evil and twisted ways. You were of no match to the awesomeness I ooze out of every pore of my skin ( okay, yeah, I went overboard with that one). Victory is mine for me and all my supporters. And with this PET scan, it’s just confirmation, cancers white flag, that my battle is over for now. Kinda surreal, yet so fulfilling. This path has changed my life, mostly for the good. It has let me see clearly now the priorities and necessities that are my focus instead of just an afterthought. I’m living my life with more freedom and peace, doing things that I pushed off saying that I would get to them one day. I realized, that maybe, you wont get that other day and you need to live your days as if they would be your last. Do you want to say on your last days, I wish I could have or I’m glad I did? I’m now making personal decisions to do things that make me happy so that I can enjoy the days that I have been graced with. I’m singing in not one, but two bands…in a dart league…recording music…going fishing…enjoying life. It’s sad that it took an experience like this to make me realize that life is short… So today, as a get my last PET scan, I’m content. I’m strong. I’m confident. I’m happy. Alive! And when my yearly scans come up in the future, I will give that familiar war cry us Statesborians are so accustom to hearing at the beautiful Allen E Paulson Stadium…I will be cancer free….One More Time!!!


Another 6 months has rolled around without a post from me during my journey, and yes I know that is slack. I told myself I would keep on this while I was going through good and the bad of my sickness. I guess since I have basically gotten back to a normal lifestyle, I completely forgot about writing it all down. Life was happening and I was experiencing it. I have gotten into that rut of ” I don’t have time to…” But that should never be an excuse in life. “I don’t have time” is truly “I’m not making the time…” Which can be summed up in saying that my effort is lacking. So, yes, I have been slack about writing down what has gone on during my travels down the path of Lymphoma. And with that, I apologize to you, and myself, for not doing what I said I would. And that is keep you updated. So, now that this blog is officially 2 years old, I am going to recommit myself to it. Maybe this will transcend into an awesome blog that everyone will want to read. Maybe it will help others out who are going through what I went through and see that you can overcome the odds and get back to normalcy after cancer. This morning, I have a maintenance treatment scheduled to help my body fight against a sickness I don’t feel anymore. This should be the second to the last treatment I will need before going on the once a year scan to make sure this beast doesn’t make a comeback. I can’t wait until the day they can take my port out because there would be no need of it. That will be my day of reckoning! That will be the day that I say that, without a shadow of a doubt, I beat cancer!!

Dark calm and cool..

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Rising of the Curtain....

The words to describe this room the size of a small jail cell as I wait to get another PET scan. Crazy to think I still get nervous while waiting, but I guess there will always be that tiny, minuscule nugget of fear that this foe might rear it’s ugly head again. But I take this in stride with my daily life and do what I do to keep on living. It’s been over a year since my last RCHOP treatment and I still have 3 more maintenance treatments to go after today, but I feel after all is said and done, once a year scans will be all I need. Another milestone to reach in this ongoing war on Cancer.

Calm before the storm….

Posted: October 21, 2013 in Act 1 Scene 2

It’s almost been 11 weeks since a CT scan was performed to show multiple lymph nodes were swollen in my body, leading to the diagnosis of Non Hodgkin’s Follicular Lymphoma. My how time has flown by this treatment. I am on the eve of treatment #3. The halfway point on this leg of the journey. And as i look back on my previous posts, I was so ready for a vicious war with cancer. But what I have encountered is totally not what I thought it would be. To put it lighty, it seems to me that the cancer has layed down, played dead, holdig a white flag of surrender without much of a fight. Figurtively, I dont have a blemish on my armor, no scratches, dents, rust, or any other tainted substance. In fact, the biposy was harder to deal with than the cancer so far. Amazing. Hearing the stories that come along with the wars over the years fought by other warriors against this disease, I was prepared to take battling to a new level and coming up with defensive stratigies that I have yet had to implement. My wife jokingliy calls me a “super soldier”, but i refuse to dress up in red white and blue tights with a big “A” on my forehead. I’m more of a “Hulk …Smash” kid of guy! But, I’m very lucky.

I know I know. I have done a horrible job in keeping up with this blog. Crazy how things can change as time goes by. But lets do a small recap on the sitch: I finished my chemo treatments in August and after a PET scan then and again at my 6 month mark in February, I show no cancerous activity where there was once masses! Now, I haven’t had a biopsy to confirm, but the doctor said with the progression that I have made with getting rid of this disease, he will not poke me to confirm and call it a partial remission. Which is fine with me. Not too much of a fan of biopsies and surgeries and poking an prodding. I have gained more scars this past year on my body than I have my entire lifetime, so the less needles and scalpels, the better. Now I do have to go to treatment once every 3 months for the maintenance drug Rituxan, but that is nothing compared to the deadly chemo sessions. A little fatigue for a day or two, then right back to normal. Reflecting on the past year, my body (and psyche) took a pounding, but I am resilient, tough, and battle tested. I feel like I came out of this way on top. In fact at different points during the sessions, I found myself saying sometimes “that is all you got?” Now, this is not to say that i don’t have aches and pains that I feel is associated with all I went through. There are some days all I want to do is lie in bed and call for a do-over. But as always, I push forward and go about my daily routines. Work 50 hours a week as a manager, come home and be all I can for my family, and try to find time for extra stuff.

Quote of the Day

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Act 1 Scene 2

“Everyone who’s ever taken a shower has an idea. It’s the person who gets out of the shower, dries off and does something about it who makes a difference.”
— Nolan Buhnell